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Case Results

  • $2,300,000.00 Medical Malpractice

    A young man died at hospital following routine surgery. We investigated and found out the hospital staff gave the young man 4-5 times the prescribed dosage of pain narcotics and failed to monitor him post-operatively for over 5 hours to see how he was recovering. The patient went into cardiorespiratory arrest due to the overdose or narcotics and died. Despite compelling evidence of negligence the hospital vigorously found the case for several years. The case settled shortly before trial.

  • $1,600,000 Brain Injury

    A young man at a mental health facility suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury when he was attacked by another resident. Our initial investigation showed the facility was chronically understaffed. After a lengthy litigation process and numerous depositions we discovered that the two counselors in charge of residents’ supervision at the time the attack occurred were off playing cards, and the attacking resident had a known history of prior violence. The case was complicated because our client had several overlapping pre-existing conditions, but it was ultimately settled shortly before trial.

  • $1,500,000 Automobile Collision
    We represented the family of a woman who was killed by a commercial van in a head-on collision. Our investigation into the case revealed that the driver of the van was a temporary employee supplied by a staffing company. The driver had a suspended drivers' license in two different states, as well as a history of previous motor vehicle accidents. Our investigation also discovered that the staffing company failed to do a routine background check on the driver's motor vehicle record before hiring him. The case settled for $1,500,000.
  • $600,000 Nursing Home Neglect
    An elderly female nursing home resident suffering from Alzheimer's dementia was neglected by the nursing home staff in a rural Georgia town. As a result she developed massive Stage IV pressure sores (also called bedsores or decubitus ulcers) on her coccyx and buttocks, urinary tract infections, malnutrition and dehydration, and a fractured hip after a fall. Our detailed investigation uncovered that this nursing home had several other previous similar incidents of resident neglect, and the facility was chronically understaffed. The case settled shortly before trial for $600,000, which is believed to be the largest nursing home settlement ever recorded in the rural, conservative jurisdiction.
  • 550,000.00 Medical Malpractice

    Our client suffered nerve damage in his right hand following the negligent administration of an arterial blood gas test by a hospital nurse. The hospital strongly denied any negligence on the part of their nurse, but through our investigation we discovered the hospital was understaffed. The nurse admitted under oath that she would often see over 60 patients during her shift, and we used the hospital’s own policies and procedures to show how the nurse had acted negligently. We offered to settle the case prior to litigation for $225,000.00, but the hospital refused to make an offer. The case went to trial two times—the first time was a hung jury but the second time was a unanimous verdict in favor of the Plaintiff and more than double what we offered to originally settle for.

  • $450,000.00 Automobile Collision

    Our client suffered two herniated discs in her neck that required spinal fusion surgery. Fortunately, she made a strong recovery after her surgery and the case settled at mediation.

  • $450,000.00 Automobile Collision

    Our older client suffered a herniated disc in a relatively minor automobile collision that required spinal fusion surgery. The defendant’s insurance carrier initially contested the case because they did not believe such a serious injury could occur in a minor “fender bender,” and contended the injury was pre-existing. Our client’s own insurance company also tried to deny the claim and initially refused to pay his surgical bills under his vehicle’s Med Pay coverage. We obtained testimony from our client’s surgeon that linked the cause of the herniated disc to the automobile collision, and we ultimately obtained the policy limits from both the defendant’s insurance carrier and our client’s underinsured motorist carrier. We also filed suit against our client’s insurance carrier for denying the Med Pay claim, and ultimately recovered the full policy limits plus penalties for attorneys’ fees and costs after discovering the insurance company had denied our claim even though they hired an independent medical examiner who told them the injury was caused by the automobile collision.

  • $400,000 Automobile Collision

    A man in his 60's was killed in a head-on automobile collision after a vehicle crossed the grass median of the highway and entered oncoming traffic. The vehicle that caused the collision only had minimal insurance, however our investigation of the case revealed another umbrella policy that had been previously undisclosed. The case settled for the insurance policy limits of $400,000.

  • $300,000 Personal Injury
    A 15 year old boy was hunting with a friend when the friend began to joke around and point his shotgun at the boy, pretending that he was going to shoot him. The gun went off from less than ten yards away, leaving the boy severely wounded in the groin and leg. He had to be life-flighted off the property, and was hospitalized for over a month. Fortunately, the shooter's family had a homeowners' insurance policy that covered the incident. The case settled pursuant to a structured payout format worth over $300,000.
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