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Every day, other people's negligence lead to the injury and loss of innocent lives in the state of Georgia. As personal injury attorneys, The Manton Law Firm, PLLC's mission is to provide the residents of Cumming with access to high quality, effective legal representation in claims for compensation.

Personal injury law provides the innocently injured with a means of recompense with their lives are impacted by the carelessness of others. Our job is to see our clients through the process of making a claim or prosecuting a case so that their rights to compensation are not undermined.

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Types of Personal Injury Cases We Can Help With

Our firm takes on claims made by injured victims involving a wide range of accidents and legal topics.

We have helped victims of motor vehicle accidents claim compensation from at-fault drivers and third parties, including cases of:

Personal injury is a broad field including many areas of practice. Claims involving professional negligence may involve more complex legal processes than others.

We handle claims and court trials involving:

If you have been injured by any of these situations, our personal injury attorney are ready to help you understand your rights, your options and what the best course of action is for your case.

Help You Take Control & Claim What You Deserve

When it comes to personal injury, the legal process is not only intended to compensate the victim for physical injuries but for comprehensive damages sustained by the negligent act. Because of this, the amount of compensation available in some situations may be more than others because of the extremity of damage.

Generally speaking, catastrophic injuries like traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injuries call for serious medical attention and cause a greater impact on one's quality of life. These damages may provide grounds to claim a larger amount of compensation to mitigate the significance of the situation. Likewise, wrongful death claims, which may be considered the greatest personal injury, are also handled with determination and special attention in order to ensure that the family is financially provided for in this hard time.

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