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Memorial Day Weekend Safety Tips


Memorial Day is just around the corner, and while most people in Forsyth County are looking forward to the day off and the chance to spend time relaxing and having fun, the fact is that there are some things to be concerned about on Memorial Day. One of these is drunk driving accidents.

DUI Accidents on Memorial Day Are Common

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Memorial Day is the 4th deadliest holiday on the roads in terms of traffic fatalities. The simple fact is that with all of the barbeques, pool parties, festivals and other celebrations, more people will be drinking and driving on Memorial Day, and it's something that you have to keep in mind to stay safe on that day.

What can you do? The simplest solution is to stay off the roads as much as possible. Host a party at your house, or try to find something going on in your neighborhood. If you do have to drive, be aware of the fact that not everyone on the road is sober, and be ready to make emergency maneuvers to avoid a collision.

Avoid Drowning Accidents on Memorial Day Weekend

Another major safety issue associated with Memorial Day Weekend is water safety. Whether you're at the poolside at a barbeque or if you're out boating on Lake Lanier, you need to be extra careful to keep yourself and your children safe. It only takes a moment for a young child to fall into the water and drown, but most swimming pool accidents can be prevented by paying attention and making sure that the pool area is supervised at all times. If you're headed out on the lake, make sure that the watercraft has sufficient safety gear and is in good condition, and don't let the operator drink; drinking and boating is every bit as dangerous as driving under the influence!

At The Manton Law Firm, LLC, we are committed to making the roads safer for everyone. We do this by helping accident victims to hold negligent drivers accountable for the pain and suffering that they cause. We wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend, and in the event that you or a family member is hurt, give us a call so that we can discuss the possibility of taking legal action.